Planned Maintenance

Commercial Planned Maintenance

Quarterly and Bi-Annual Commercial Planned Maintenance Agreements are performed by trained CCS technicians. This enables customers to save money on energy cost and optimizing the longevity of their H VAC equipment from chillers & Boilers to small stand-alone systems.

HVAC equipment is a large investment that a planned maintenance agreement will help protect.

Commercial Planned Maintenance

We offer planned maintenance services, to help reduce the chances of unwanted service repairs and keep units running efficiently. Below are a few maintenance and repair services that we offer:

  • Cleaning of condenser coils
  • Calibration of safety controls and thermostats
  • Tighten electrical connections, mounts, fitting, and clamps
  • Lubrication of motors, bearing, and linkages
  • Chiller and cooling tower services
  • Cleaning condensate drains
  • Refrigerant charge assessment and adjustments
  • Clean/replace air filters
  • Belt adjustments and replacements

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